Iris Folding

The hardest part of Iris Folding is finding the paper. It needs to be thin. They do have papers just for Iris Folding but the colors are not always what I want. I made this page of my BFF’s daughters at an English castle. I used my Sizzix to die cut the castle. I then used a generic pattern I googled off the net. You turn the die over so that you have the back facing you. then place your pattern under the die. These are going to be your guide lines. Fold your paper & starting on the outside of the design you line the fold on the paper up with the lines on the templet. Looks like I got the templates at &

Iris Folding

Iris Folding


2 Responses to Iris Folding

  1. MacAmorfosi says:

    Try to look my blog to see how easy is find paper for Iris Folding…. I find the paper for my card joking with all the paper around me and beleve me, it’s very funny!!!!

    • jewelyah says:

      Thanks I like to do Iris folding but it’s had to find paper for it. Last time I found some was at Archivers but when I checked at Christmas they no longer carried it.

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