Interactive Scrapbook Pages.

Turn the wheel & change the picture.Being a new Aunt I had several pictures of my nephew’s birthday. I took several of those pictures & cut them out in a circle. Attaching a round page to the back and cutting out a circle on the main page. I could then attach pictures so when the wheel is turned the pictures change. This allowed me to add several more pictures to the page plus additional journaling space.

See where the wheel has been turned & the picture on the right is changing. The pen is pointing to the wheel that is being turned.

Just the back. I didn’t have a circle cutter big enough so I just used a dinner plate. See how it’s not centered? That’s so you have a place to turn the wheel.

Out on the Farm

This one was out on the farm & that is why the western theme. I copied the picture in black & white. Labeled everyone in the picture and made it into a tag that can be pulled out to compare with the color photograph to know who is who. Again to save money the background paper is cut out in the back so there is just enough to see. I then used the cut out paper to make my tag & the frame around the picture.

With the tag pulled out.

Two things going on here. Half the page has been turned into a pocket to hold memorabilia. Then there is a picture of my parents. Any idea where I put Jeff?

Pulling out the tab on the right size pulls out a picture of Jeff by the same sign Mom & Dad were standing in front of.
If you don’t like your handwriting hide it. That’s what was done on this page.
Just pull up the black tab that says pull & there is the journaling.
Our first date was to the zoo. Since then we have gone several times. This is a page I made about one of our visits. It looks like a single page lay out but when you open it up…
You see more pictures. Another 12×12 page in the middle & then two 6×6 on the sides. There is also a pocket for the zoo map.
This is another page that has a wheel to turn pictures. This time howevere I got the picture on one side of the page & the turn wheel on the other.
When taking pictures of shooters you don’t have much variation it’s either the back or one side or the other. Again I hid some journaling as well as pictures on the wheel.

The background paper is by 7gypsies and the lettering by Anna Griffin Again I hid the journaling behind the tag.


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