Loveland Post Office

It was time to get the Valentine cards in the mail. The only stamps we had are left over from Christmas, not what I want on my Valentine Day cards. Plus why live right next door to Loveland Colorado if not to drive there & get them postmarked Loveland. So armed with Jeff’s GPS directions from his phone & my GPS also programmed. I followed his directions since his software was newer. Well, it took me to a place that sells stamps. There was an ATM & I needed money for all of this so I drove around that section of the parking lot just to get car positioned to get the cash. By now I’m thinking I deserve a Starbucks. There is a walk-in one at the other side of the parking lot so I drive over & what do I see but a very large branch of Chase Bank that I just paid to use another’s ATM. Grr. So it was going to be one of those days.  Starbucks yum. Ok, now to follow the directions on my GPS. It takes be across town as it starts to spit snow. It was worth it. I got stamps with hearts & they will all have the special Loveland Valentine cancellation. The one I sent to my sister had Pop dots and therefore needs to be handed canceled. This cost extra. Going to the counter I bought heart stamps & was directed to the special old-fashioned red mail box. Now they will also get a special cancellation. Oh & once I found the Post Office I realized I knew where it was all along. It was on the way to a scrapbook store I used to go to. Next it was on to Greeley. A stop at Michael’s & I couldn’t find a thing to buy. Did see it’s time for Easter & St. Patrick’s Day cards. I want to scrapbook the photo booth pictures Dawn & I had taken when she was here. I’m hunting for papers. Well, you will see when I find them.

Jeff spent the day smoking meat. Smells great! So while he is finishing up I started my research of the Canine Caviar website. I wanted to learn as much as I can about the products. I took ten pages of notes. I have been getting them organized this morning. It’s a make sense diet Check out their website at


About jewelyah

Hi, My interests are in scrapbooking & card making. I have 2 dogs and am into Canine Cavier a holistic pet food company that has made great strides in canine cancer research. I run a facebook site for Pawnee Sportsmans Club. We are a shooting range. Rifle, Pistol, Trap, Skeet & Sporting Clays
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