Perfect Sentiments

Listen for angels hovering near,
Whispering words you are longing to hear-
Love is not over, life is not gone …
Now and forever, the spirit lives on.
~ Author Unknown

I have a magazine by CardMaker presents called The Perfect Sentiments. It’s full of Greeting Card Quotes & Expressions for All of Life’s Occasions. I just love it. There are 18 categories & more than 1100 quotes inside. It makes for wonderful cards, responses to birthdays online. There is also a section in the CardMaker Magazine each printing of these Sentiments. They really do come in handy. The ones I have gotten out of the magazine I have them in binders. I’ll leave it to you how you get & how you store (usb drive) sentiments. They are very useful. How have you used yours? Leave a reply please 🙂


About jewelyah

Hi, My interests are in scrapbooking & card making. I have 2 dogs and am into Canine Cavier a holistic pet food company that has made great strides in canine cancer research. I run a facebook site for Pawnee Sportsmans Club. We are a shooting range. Rifle, Pistol, Trap, Skeet & Sporting Clays
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